The “See Something, Say Something” Elder Abuse Awareness program is a collaboration between Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers, seniors’ support agencies and the police.   The program is design for elders and family members to raise awareness and provide an alternative way to anonymously report suspected elder abuse. 

Sadly, abuse of elderly people is one of the most under reported crimes in our society.   These crimes may include:

  • Physical abuse including acts of violence and other ways to coerce elderly victims
  • Emotional or psychological abuse
  • Financial abuse

The initiative is designed to provide seniors with a safe and anonymous method to report what they know about suspected criminal abusive behavior. Due to the personal nature of these offenses, older people are often too ashamed, embarrassed and fearful of retaliation to report it directly to police or persons of authority.

In addition, the Metro Vancouver area is home to many new immigrant families, which may result in language and cultural barriers preventing immigrant older adults from reporting crime. Research suggests that to address these issues, it is important to educate seniors and give them a voice in the community.

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